Gas Cooker

Do you need a gas cooker installed? Look no further than GPS London. We will send you one of our professional, Gas Safe Registered engineers to install your gas cooker for you. All of our staff are polite, punctual and have many years of practical experience under their belt.

Because all of our gas engineers are locally based, once you have placed your call to our friendly customer service team, we can have an engineer out to you at a time that suits you, so why wait?

Professional Gas Cooker and Hob installation

Gas Cooker Installation

Whether you are having a brand-new kitchen installed and you need your new gas cooker or hob installed, or you are moving your kitchen around due to a new building extension, it is advisable to get your current gas cooker or hob safely disconnected by a Gas Safe registered engineer. GPS London can arrange to do this for you and also come back to install your new gas hob or cooker or reconnect your gas appliances when you are ready.

While you are having your kitchen fitted your gas cooker will be switched off from the mains gas supply. This is essential because you don’t want to risk any gas leaks while your oven or hob is out of action. Once the oven or hob has been fitted, your engineer will reconnect your appliance back to the gas supply using a flexible industry standard gas hose pipe. The gas supply is switched back on and then your hob or cooker will go through a thorough test and inspection by your engineer to ensure everything is working correctly.

Your gas cooker or hob installation job need not be as troublesome as you may think. Having our fully-qualified Gas Safe registered team of expert gas engineers on your doorstep can save you a lot of time and hassle. No one wants their kitchen to be out of use for long, especially when you have a family to feed and look after, so when you need our help GPS London are only a quick phone call away.

We are also here to help you with other essential task around your home. Do not hesitate to contact us about any of our following services:

  • Cooker installations
  • Gas fire repairs & installations
  • Gas fire testing
  • Gas pipe replacement
  • Hob installations
  • Inspection hatch installations
  • Moving gas meters
  • Purging
  • Tightness testing
  • Trace & repair gas leaks
  • Ventilation Installation

Types of gas cooker

No matter what type of gas cooker you have, it should only be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer who is competent and fully qualified. Letting anyone fit your gas appliance that is not Gas Safe registered would be doing this illegally and could be putting the health and safety of your family at risk.

Free-standing cookers have always been a popular choice for small or oddly shaped kitchens because of the flexibility. However, your cooker will still need to be professionally fitted and your GPS engineer will ensure this is done correctly and appropriate space is available for its safe use. Should you have any queries about your chosen gas cooker or hob, please do not hesitate to contact us for some free advice and guidance.