Heating Upgrades

Central HeatingWith many home owners choosing to improve their homes rather than move house, one of the biggest issues they face is keeping their newly extended or renovated homes warm during winter. A lot of owners don’t factor in the need for extra heating, or are relying too much on an old central heating system or one that just isn’t up to the job.

At GPS London, we help our clients assess their new heating needs when they make home improvement plans such as kitchen extensions, loft conversions or when adding a new conservatory.

We can also help to safely disconnect gas appliances before building work takes place as well as reconnecting your gas appliances or installing new ones once the works have been completed.

Energy Efficient Boiler Upgrades

Having larger spaces or extra rooms to heat will add to your fuel bills, but making your home more energy efficient can be far more cost-effective in the long run. Upgrading your heating system, especially if it is quite old, can be a great way to save you some money off your energy bills.

Adding new radiators or under floor heating will put an extra strain on your gas boiler because of the larger areas it now has to heat. A more powerful boiler would be recommended here and is a great opportunity to upgrade to a more energy efficient boiler at the same time. This will be even more worthwhile should your existing boiler be over 12 years old. Modern energy efficient boilers are a lot cheaper to run when compared to their older predecessors.

Boiler Location

If you are planning to extend your kitchen, then it will give you an opportunity to plan ahead. As most boilers are situated in the kitchen, switching to a modern boiler may free up more space for you because they tend to be much more compact in size and design. You should take this into consideration when planning out your new kitchen layout. It can be far easier to get a new boiler installed and fit them in a convenient location than having to fit your kitchen around an existing boiler that may need replacing in a couple of years anyway.

Planning your heating layout

Take some time to think about the new layout of your extended home or new room. Plan to place your radiators away from the areas where you want to put large pieces of furniture. Try not to put a radiator where you plan to have a large sideboard or bookshelf. Sofas can also block the circulation of warm air around the room, so you don’t want a large sofa sitting in front of a radiator.


After years of circulating hot water around your home, your central heating system can start to become clogged up with dirt and rust debris from magnetite deposits. These occur from a reaction between the water and metal within your heating system. Over the year the deposits can build up to give you cold spots on your radiators or can even stop them from working completely.

GPS London offer a professional power flushing treatment that will remove all the dirt and debris build up in your central heating system that will help to restore your radiators to full working order once again. Having a power flush will reduce the pressure placed upon your boiler trying to pump water around blocked radiators and narrowed pipes as well as the extra strain from new radiators being added to the system. A power-flush can make your heating more efficient and also extend the life of your boiler.