Power Flushing Services, Greenwich


Power flushing is the process of removing iron oxide deposits (magnetite), sludge and dirt build-up from your system. A power flush machine is attached to the most convenient point on your system usually the radiator pipework. The machine pumps a high pressure water and chemical cleaning solution throughout your central heating system to remove all metal deposits, sludge and debris from your pipework and radiators.

Power Flushing has become a very important aspect of maintaining central heating systems, and keeping them in good working order. In fact flushing has become so important that Building Regulations have now made it mandatory to have a Power Flush on any new boiler installed on an old central heating system.Power flushing

You can trust our team of Greenwich based heating engineers to take care of all your Power Flushing work. Our expert team have at least 5 years experience in the field working in and around the Greenwich area. The whole flushing process is very clean, there is no mess from any aspect of the work and no radiators need to be removed in order for Power Flushing to be carried out. The power flush procedure will normally last no longer than one day, depending on the number of radiators in your property.


Most likely yes if your boiler and radiators take a long time to heat up. A common symptom of needing a flush is finding cold spots on radiators – usually at the bottom where it becomes a struggle for hot water to circulate due to the build-up of unwanted deposits. You may find that some radiators do not come on at all, or in some cases you may have a complete boiler and system failure because of the need for a flush.

Having a power flush can return your radiators to a near new condition and vastly improve the performance of your boiler. This can save you a lot of money on heating bills and help to reduce or eliminate costly boiler or radiator repairs.

Please remember that all new boilers must be power flushed prior to installation. Failure to do so will invalidate your warranty.