Power Flush Hammersmith

Power Flushing HammersmithWhen the chilly weather arrives again and you start to use your central heating once again, you may become aware of some issues such as cold spots on radiators or rooms that never seem to warm up as well as others. This could be down to a build-up of rust, sludge and debris in your pipework and radiators.

Debris build up happens over time as your central heating system gets older, so when you notice that your heating is not as effective as it once was, or if your radiators only ever feel warm to the touch and never hot, then it may be time for a power flush.

Leaving dirt and debris to build up in your central heating system without proper treatment to remove it can result in over-stressing your boiler as it struggles to pump hot water around a clogged-up system. A power flush can often solve these problems and will work out much cheaper than the possibility of having to repair or completely replace a broken down boiler.

What is a power flush?

Quite simply, a power flush is a service where we attach a powerful machine to your pipework and flush your system with a combination of high-pressure water and cleaning fluids that effectively remove all the build up and unwanted deposits and take them out of your system completely.

There is no mess involved and you will not have to have your radiators removed for us to provide this service to you. Once your flush has been completed we will thoroughly test your system to ensure it is working perfectly once again.

A power flush will vary in price depending on the number of radiators you have in your home. For a free no-obligation power flush quote, give our friendly customer service team a call today.