Power Flush Lewisham


Power Flushing LewishamPower flushing is carried out on your central heating system to remove iron oxide deposits (magnetite), dirt and sludge build-up. It is the build up of these deposits over time that cause your central heating system to work less efficiently and puts undue strain on the system by making it work harder to pump hot water around all your radiators.

A machine is attached to your system – usually to the radiator pipework. The machine then pumps a combination of high pressure water and cleaning chemicals around your system to remove all the unwanted debris from your radiators and pipework. Flushing has become so important that Building Regulations have now made it compulsory to have a Power Flush on any new boiler installed on an existing central heating system.

You can trust our team of Lewisham based heating engineers to take care of your Power Flushing work. Our expert team of heating engineers have at least 5 years experience working in the field in and around the Lewisham area. You don’t have to worry about damage or mess to your home either because the flushing process is very clean and there is no mess caused by the work involved.

You don’t have to worry about moving large pieces of furniture either as there are no radiators that need to be removed in order for the job to be completed. Depending on the number of radiators in your home, the procedure will usually take no longer than one day to complete.


Power flushing is an effective measure to clean your central heating system including, pipework, radiators and throughout your cylinder and boiler.

Once your system has been flushed clean of deposits you will see the benefits immediately. Internally your system will be running much more efficiently, effectively and smoother, you may also notice less boiler noise when it is operating, and you will be able to feel more heat in your radiators. There are some long term benefits that best describe the usefulness of power flushing:

  • Efficiency returned to optimum levels
  • More reliable heating
  • Lower fuel bills (especially if system was previously very old or dirty)
  • Peace of mind

Remember that all new boilers must be power flushed prior to installation. Failure to do so will invalidate your warranty.