Power Flushing Kingston

Power Flush KingstonIf you have noticed cold spots on your radiators or that your radiators are hot at the top but cold near the bottom, then this is a sure sign that you have serious debris build-up in your central heating system.

As your heating system ages it will start to suffer from a build-up of magnetite, sludge and debris that will block pipes and radiators causing your heating to be less effective than before and will put extra strain on your boiler as it attempts to push hot water around a clogged up system.

A power flush is a simply yet effective treatment that flushes out all the waste build-up from within your pipes and radiators, improving the flow of hot water around your system and easing the pressure on your central heating boiler.

Having a power flush can mean improving the efficiency of your boiler and extending it’s life-span as well as restoring your heating to it’s previous levels.

What is a power flush?

There is no need to worry about having a power flush – it is not a messy procedure and you will not need to have your radiators removed from your walls. In most cases a power flush can be done within one day.

A special machine will be attached to your pipework and a high-pressure mixture of water and specialist cleaning solutions will be pumped around your system, clearing away all sludge an debris build-up and restoring your system to its maximum efficiency once more.

Once finished, we will test your heating system thoroughly to ensure it is working perfectly. The service will vary in price depending on the number of radiators you have in your home. For a free no-obligation power flush quote, give our friendly customer service team a call today.