Power Flushing Richmond

Power Flushing RichmondAs your central heating system ages it will be prone to debris build up that can seriously slow down the circulation of hot water being pumped through your pipes and radiators. This build up of sludge and magnetite can block narrow pipes, get trapped in pipe corners and bends as well as settle at the bottom of your radiators preventing them from heating up properly – or in some cases stopping them from heating up at all.

If you have noticed any cold spots on your radiators while your heating is on, or some rooms feel much colder than others despite the heating running, then it could be a build up of debris and sludge that is clogging up your system.

The extra strain that this build up places on your central heating boiler can cause it to break down or even fail beyond repair. Having a power flush performed on your heating system could not only bring your heating back to full capacity but it could also prevent you having to repair or replace your boiler.

What is a power flush?

When you book our power flush service we will come out to your home and attach a power flushing machine directly to your heating pipework. Don’t worry – we will not need to remove any of your radiators to do this and the job is not a messy one despite how it sounds!

The power flush consists of a mix of high pressure water and powerful cleaning fluids that act to remove and clear away all the sludge and debris build-up that has been clogging up your system and causing your heating problems.

Once your flush has been completed we will thoroughly test your system to make sure it back to full working order. The cost of a power flush will depend on how many radiators you have in your home. The service is quick, clean and efficient and usually will only take one day to complete. For more information or for a free no-obligation power flush quote, give our friendly customer service team a call today.