Power Flushing Tower Hamlets

Power Flushing Tower HamletsAs your central heating system gets older they become prone to build up of debris that can constrict your pipework and radiators causing the flow of hot water around your heating system to slow and in some cases, stop completely.

The debris build up is mainly magnetite and rust coming from inside your pipework and can be moved around in the flow of water circulating around your system, which then settles at the base of radiators and clogs up narrow pipe joints. This can cause uneven flow around your radiators causing cold spots or preventing radiators from warming up at all.

As your circulating hot water does not have an easy path around a blocked up system, it is wise to have your central heating power flushed to rid it of all the debris and sludge build up and restore your heating to maximum efficiency. A power flush can also reduce the strain on your boiler meaning that it can often prevent your boiler from breaking down or having to be replaced completely.

What is a power flush?

A power flush doesn’t involve physically removing your radiators from your walls, it is not at all messy, and a typical power flush can be done in around one day. A flush is done by attaching a powerful machine to your pipe-work that will pump through a mixture of high pressure water mixed with specialised cleaning agents that will safely remove the waste deposits that are blocking up your system.

Once your flush has been completed your system will be bled and tested leaving fresh, clear water to circulate around your heating system. The service will vary in price depending on the number of radiators you have in your home. For a free no-obligation power flush quote, give our friendly customer service team a call today.