Power Flushing Lambeth


Power flushing LambethPower flushing is carried out on your central heating system to remove deposits such as magnetite, dirt and general sludge build-up that happens over a long period of time. A power flush machine is either attached to the circulation pump in regular boiler systems or the pump head in combination boilers or we alter pipe work to accept the power flush. With the help of high pressurised water and cleansing chemicals it flushes out all unwanted matter and debris from the system.

You can trust our team of Lambeth based heating engineers to take care of your Power Flushing work. Our fully qualified team of service engineers have at least 5 years experience working in the field in and around the local Lambeth area, so we know your neighbourhood very well.

The actual flushing process is very clean, so there is no need for you to worry about your carpets or wallpaper being stained during the cleaning process. There are no radiators that need to be removed in order for the job to be completed, so there will be no need to move furniture around. The whole power flush procedure from start to finish normally takes between 5 – 7 hours (depending on the number of radiators in your home).

Flushing has become so important that Building Regulations have now made it compulsory to have a Power Flush on any new boiler installed onto an old central heating system.


Although we always power flush when carrying out a boiler upgrade, there is no reason why you can’t have your current system flushed to help improve its performance, by clearing the pipes and radiators it will help to keep it running at its optimum efficiency at all times and help prevent breakdowns caused by internal deterioration.

The overall aim of a power flush is to restore the full circulation of water around the central heating system; however, it can also eliminate noise from the boiler and the pump as well. This means that the entire system has to be flushed in order to get the best results.

It is important that your central heating system is as efficient as it can be at all times as it can also save you a lot of money off your fuel bills over time. Keeping fuel bills down to a minimum is the main priority for most households, so having a power flush can really help! For best results we advise that you have a complete boiler service at the same time.

Remember that all new boilers must be power flushed prior to installation. Failure to do so will invalidate your warranty.