Water Leaks

Water LeaksYou may have noticed that you seem to be using a lot more water than normal even though you are doing nothing different than before. If you are on a water meter, you may have had a bill that is much higher than normal and this has made you wonder about a possible water leak somewhere in your home or business.

How would you know if you had a hidden leak in your property? You will want to take some action if you do suspect you have a leak. Leaving it for too long could result in structural or cosmetic damage to your property that could be very costly to put right. Lets take a look at some ways of checking to see if you can find and isolate a possible water leak.

How to check for a leak at your property

As your first indication could be a higher than normal water bill, then there is a chance that you have a leak in a water pipe or within an appliance that uses water, such as a dishwasher or washing machine.

First of all, go around your property and turn off all of your taps to make sure there is no water being used. Do this at a time when you are not running a washing machine or dishwasher. Make a note of your water meter reading. After a few hours, check your water meter reading once again. As long as you are sure no water has been used during this time – even flushing the toilet could affect your next reading, then this will show that there is a possibility that water is escaping from somewhere in your system.

What if I am not on a water meter?

This can be a little more tricky to handle as you cannot exactly monitor your domestic water consumption. There are still some ways of checking to see if you have a leak that is not obvious. These can include:

  • Noticing that your garden has areas of lush vegetation despite you having hot, dry weather
  • You have areas of wet ground that never seem to dry out – a symptom of a long term leak
  • Your walls have damp patches that have appeared
  • You can hear a constant sound of dripping or running water coming from pipework

If you suspect that you have a hidden leak on the external water supply pipe coming into your property, then you should check with your water supplier to see if they are able to repair it. However, if you think you have an internal leak somewhere inside your home, then you will need to turn off your water supply at the stop tap and call a plumber.

Your stop tap, or stop cock as it is sometimes called, controls the water entering your building. It is usually found under the kitchen sink, but this will depend on exactly where your water supply service point enters your building.

If you suspect a leak but are in any doubt about how to fix it, give one of our friendly customer service team members a call. We will be happy to advise you about locating and stopping a water leak and can have one of our fully qualified and experienced plumbers on your doorstep to fix your leak ASAP.